December 19, 2015 Sunset


Sunday Stills Challenge “Cold as Ice”

Check out Ed’s challenge over at .   I went out to photograph the deer tonight, but snapped a few quick shots of the sun setting over the frozen lake as we were leaving.

My son husband kept running on the lake and sliding sideways through the picture while I was shooting.  I kept acting all stern, like he was annoying me.  The truth is he cracks me up, but you can’t encourage him or he’ll never stop.  After 23 years, I still like hanging out with him.

Sunset. Sunrise. (the fiddler is dyslexic today)

Thank you for the comments about my sunrise picture yesterday.  (Sidenote: I’m happy to report that I’ve calmed down a bit since then.)  Terry over at Perspectives On… reminded me in her comment that fortunately we have two tries a day to photograph, so I went out again last night and tried the sunset.   Then, I went out this morning again.  Norm, from suggested putting a wider angle lens on, and metering on the sky instead of the foreground.  I think those two tips helped.  I feel better about these shots than the dawn shot yesterday, but I really really really need to learn a better editing program than iPhoto.  There’s only so much I can do with it.  I’m excited to re-edit these once I start tackling the ins and outs of Lightroom.  I shot them in RAW so it will be fun to see how they transform.

I’m off to take Sarah Jane and one of her also-December-born besties shopping so they can spend their birthday money.  Hope day two of the new year is bringing about growth and deeper joy to all of you.  🙂

(I think clicking on the photo gives you a better view of the shot, btw)

January 1, 2015 Sunset:

winter barn

January 2, 2015 Sunrise: