nance county

We explored up around the Loup River in Nance County, Nebraska while on vacation.   It was a lovely, peaceful drive. AB0A4191


buzz(ard) off

They don’t have the most photogenic mugs, but it was exciting to get a shot of these two turkey buzzards. (I think that’s what they are)  While they manned the fence line, there were 7 of their brethren soaring above us.  AB0A4293-2

vacation within a vacation


We are out at the lake with my extended family this week.  It’s been a hoot seeing the little nieces and nephews swimming and fishing and making s’mores around the fire.  I love spending time with my family.  The end of day is reserved for country roads and quiet, though.  Last night’s sunset was extra special because it wasn’t oppressively hot and the bugs were manageable.  This is taken about 10 miles from where we are vacationing.  The area around the Loup River in Central Nebraska is beautiful in its sparseness.