mundane monday–arcing


I was scrolling through my files and liked how these two had similar lines.  One was shot with the big camera, and the other with my phone.   Both were edited in Lightroom.

Happy Mundane Monday!


mundane monday–eye level

For today’s Mundane Munday, I photographed a piece of costume jewelry I’ve had for almost 20 years.  When I look at it, I think about how both my girls loved this necklace when they were babies/toddlers.  If I was wearing it when I held them, it was right at their eye level.  There are still probably lots of baby fingerprints on it!


mundane monday–just under the wire

Mundane Monday almost got away from me this week, but I caught up with it just as it was getting ready to hand the baton off to Tuesday. I also used this pic for the Macro Mondays  group on Flickr.

Our youngest had a jazz band competition today in a town 2 1/2 hours away. (And man, they kicked some jazzboohiney. *snaps*) We started out before sunrise, so I couldn’t shoot before we left. When we got home tonight, there was only about 10 minutes of light remaining, so I busted into the craft cabinet, pulled out some pipe cleaners, wrapped them around a pencil, and started shooting.

I was in too much of a hurry to set up my tripod and pay attention to my displays. So, when I loaded the shots into Lightroom, my lack of care resulted in a lot of editing to try and fix the color and contrast issues. I may try this kind of shot again in the next week.