iphriday–snape is now my personal spy

iPhriday is a day to feature the photos you’ve collected on your cell phone.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t lug my fancy camera everywhere.  However, I do always have my cell phone and I’m finding that some of my favorite photos are those I have taken with my phone.  Join me on Fridays by creating your own post, then tagging it iPhriday so I can find you and feature you here at GD&C!

My daughter Jenna and her friend Hannah just moved in to their first apartment this week.  They’re both Harry Potter fans, so when I found this almost-life-sized cardboard cutout of Severus Snape on Oriental Trading’s web site, I knew I had to get it for a housewarming present.  I was sad to see him leave my house, but what better spy could I have than Professor Snape? IMG_2853IMG_2849

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4 thoughts on “iphriday–snape is now my personal spy

    1. severe is such a perfect word for him. I don’t know if you know the story, but he ends up being the one who is one of the bravest and most tender. He’s a complicated, wonderful character in the books.

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