iphriday–i almost phorgot

My daughter and I are having a Harry Potter movie marathon today, and I just realized that it’s iPhriday!  If you’d like to be featured on the iPhriday blog next week, (providing I remember) just create your own post featuring photos from your cell phone, and tag it iPhriday so I can find you and list you among the other lovely iPhridians. 

I’m posting a picture that for years I’ve wanted to take.  Since she was 4, Sarah has slept with her feet sticking out of the end of the covers.  You really can’t see much of the rest of her under the piles of blankets, save her feet.   When she’s moved out and raising her own little punkinheads someday, I will remember the funny way she slept while growing up.IMG_2785 Here are the other folks who have joined me on this iPhriday:

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