memories and dreams

Holding on to memories and reaching for a dream–a little of both is good for the soul. AB0A0860-2Sunrise in Merrick county, Nebraska. Canon 5DMarkIII; EF24-105mmf/4L IS USM@35mm; iso50; 1/25; f/9




I’ve wanted kayaks for years.  I finally talked Mr. GrayDays into it.  He’s a great kayaker.  So are my kids.  But the one who wanted the kayaks…well she needs to work on her skills.

Every time the Mr. hears the word “kayak,” he starts singing Billy Joel’s song “Movin’ Out” but instead of saying “heart attack ack ack ack ack ack” he puts in the word kayak.  (see 4 second link below)

IPHRIDAY!  Join the fun and post pics you’ve taken on your cell phone (whatever brand of phone you have!) and then add the tag iPhriday.  I will feature you here at the ol’ GD&C blog.  Here are a list of other phriends who have joined me:

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Billy Joel’s Movin’ Out


iphriday: mother the mastermind

Jenna, our oldest (on the left), will be a junior at UNL next fall.  Because of her internships, she is staying in Lincoln for the summer.   Now that we are seeing even less of her, times like this one mean even more.  This was the end of what was “supposed” to be them walking down and back on a picturesque gravel road so I could get some arty pictures. Instead, they walked like total dorks, completely sabotaging my attempt to stage a serene moment between sisters.   Little do they know that I have learned that their sabotage of my staging leads to the best pictures of all. IMG_2435iPhriday is a day to share pictures from your cell phones.  If you’d like to join us, just create a post with your pics from your phone, and tag it iPhriday, or link to one of my posts, so I can find you and feature you here at GD&C.  I hope you all have an energizing weekend!

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light is king. and light is queen. i am the court jester.

I still struggle with lots of aspects of photography, especially with areas like flash photography, star/moon/night photography and portrait photography.  And then some aspects, like understanding white balance, I don’t struggle with at all.  Not because I’ve mastered it, but because I don’t really want to even waste the energy to struggle with it.  Right now I’m fixing stuff like that in post.   And then there’s post-processing.  Man o man that’s a steep learning curve for me.  I’m still barely understanding the basics of Lightroom.  This week, in order to free up space on my hard drive, I deleted like a mad woman only to find out that I lost all of my editing on all of my files.  The CR2’s and some resulting jpegs from editing are safely stored on an external drive, but I’ve lost everything else.   But, now I do have more memory. (Though it had nothing to do with deleting all of my previews)

One thing I am starting to understand is light.  Light is king.  Light is queen.  If you can find yourself good light, both inside and outside, you’re off to a great start.   One of my south windows is is 10 feet long, and mostly shaded by a big old oak tree, and if you haven’t noticed, many of my still life shots have been taken from that place.  I just bought a stand to hold my reflector/filter discs, which now gives me even more light options from which to choose.   These stands will also hold flash attachments, so that will be fun to explore in the future.   I used the white side of the reflector disc on this shot.  It helped with giving light to the left side of the photo.

AB0A9368-2Canon 5DMarkIII; EF100mm F2.8L IS USM; iso 50; f/4.5, 1/5 second.  (tripod mounted)

My pride wants to inject a comment here:  This is a compressed file, which again shows awful moire.   (the wavy groovy lines on the wall in the background) If you want to see the “big” files of my work, you can check out my flickr page.