iphriday–extraordinary man. fortunate girls.

Father’s Day snap taken out by Jenna’s car as she was getting ready to head back down to Lincoln.  IMG_2578iPhriday is a day to showcase the life-captures stored on your cell phones.  We’d love to have you join us by creating a post and tagging it iPhriday.  I will feature you here on the GD&C blog.  Check out the phabulous posts of my fellow iPhridians below!

iPhriday Photos@that little voice

Just Next Door (iPhriday Flowers)@Coffee Fuels My Photography!

iPhriday–Side View Mirror@musings of a frequent flying scientist

iPhriday–early morning gifts@Fitly Spoken

shutter snaps/iPhriday:  say goodbye@Black Mutts

*Also, please forgive me if you have tagged your post iPhriday and I have missed it.  I noticed that my own post from last week didn’t show up under the iPhriday tag when I went to prepare this week’s post.  I’m not sure what’s going on, but please know it isn’t intentional!*


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