iphriday–the flowers don’t seem to mind

iPhriday is a day to post pictures you’ve got piling up in your phones.  Join me and the other iPhridians and create a post including your cell phone shots and then tag it iPhriday, so I can find you and feature you on my blog.  Happy Weekend!

100 degrees F here today.  It’s muggy, and still, and miserable.  Give me a blizzard over this wretched heat any day of the week.

The flowers don’t agree.  They are loving the heat, and they provide me with sweet splashes of happy.  6:17iphriday.jpg6:17iphriday46:17iphriday36:17iphriday2

There are some lovely folks who are out here in the blogosphere.  Here are some of those lovelies who have joined me in the iPhriday fun:

iPhriday–I’m Through With You@Eileen On

Pure Ice@”I do wander everywhere”

iPhriday–A capital idea@Deb’s World

Follow the Light (iPhriday Flowers)@Coffee Fuels My Photography!

Shutter Snaps/iPhriday: One Very Large Picnic@Black Mutts



20 thoughts on “iphriday–the flowers don’t seem to mind

  1. Wow that’s nice and warm (says she all rugged up in winter woollies). Lovely shots and I also approve of ring called an iPhridian, but the auto correct doesn’t like it for done reason. Enjoy your warmth as we shiver down here. ☀️🌧☂

  2. Ooooo that sounds warm. It’s cold(ish) here. Around 10 degrees C for much of the day, which I quite enjoy. Your flowers are gorgeous, such a pretty space you have.

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