vacation within a vacation


We are out at the lake with my extended family this week.  It’s been a hoot seeing the little nieces and nephews swimming and fishing and making s’mores around the fire.  I love spending time with my family.  The end of day is reserved for country roads and quiet, though.  Last night’s sunset was extra special because it wasn’t oppressively hot and the bugs were manageable.  This is taken about 10 miles from where we are vacationing.  The area around the Loup River in Central Nebraska is beautiful in its sparseness.


iphriday–extraordinary man. fortunate girls.

Father’s Day snap taken out by Jenna’s car as she was getting ready to head back down to Lincoln.  IMG_2578iPhriday is a day to showcase the life-captures stored on your cell phones.  We’d love to have you join us by creating a post and tagging it iPhriday.  I will feature you here on the GD&C blog.  Check out the phabulous posts of my fellow iPhridians below!

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iphriday–the flowers don’t seem to mind

iPhriday is a day to post pictures you’ve got piling up in your phones.  Join me and the other iPhridians and create a post including your cell phone shots and then tag it iPhriday, so I can find you and feature you on my blog.  Happy Weekend!

100 degrees F here today.  It’s muggy, and still, and miserable.  Give me a blizzard over this wretched heat any day of the week.

The flowers don’t agree.  They are loving the heat, and they provide me with sweet splashes of happy.  6:17iphriday.jpg6:17iphriday46:17iphriday36:17iphriday2

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