grackle bombs

The grackles are bombing (pooping on) our patio and furniture.  This hasn’t happened in the past.  The Mr. and I think it’s because there are more of them for some reason this year. If there aren’t more of them, then the few we have are having some massive digestive issues.

We’ve started scolding the grackles when we’re outside.  Mr. GrayDays even chases them off once in a while.  That lasts about two minutes and they’re back.  Our daughter heard us the other day and said “You’re getting old.”  When I asked why, she said “Because you’re starting to talk to the birds.” AB0A8303This isn’t one of the local offenders.  I photographed this grackle when we were out on a country drive.


20 thoughts on “grackle bombs

  1. I just read that if you have lots of grackles walking around your yard you better treat for grub worms. Or… maybe they just like your new furniture. Or…. maybe they’re snacking on the grub worms on your new furniture. Yikes! Some things for you to ponder. I’m not a fan of grackles either but the picture is pretty!

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