charming in our own smelly way

I haven’t planted Dahlberg daisies in years.  This year, they looked to be among the healthiest so I grabbed a couple of packs and threw them in the cart.  Their delicate foliage and flowers contrast nicely against plants like zinnias.  Last time I planted them, they got pretty overgrown, tangled, and disheveled looking by the end of summer. But, I made a place for them in the garden, partly because I myself can relate to that look and state of mind by the end of the summer.   Though I’m pretty sure the other “flowers” in my garden of life would definitely not describe me as delicate, they may describe me (but not to my face) as overgrown, tangled, disheveled, and even occasionally emitting a strange odor just like my spirit flower.  But, some would say they(we) can be sort of charming in our own smelly way:AB0A8885



15 thoughts on “charming in our own smelly way

  1. They do make a good flower for your garden. I planted some along with others because I wanted low maintenance but my problem is the deer. They love several of my plants including my pepper pants.

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