iphriday–wall worthy

iPhriday is a day to display the photos you have taken with your cell phone.   If you’d like to join our merry party, just create your own post, and then tag it iPhriday so I can find you and feature you on GD&C.

I ordered a canvas of one of my photos two weeks ago.  Last week, I hung it on the wall.  It was kind of a cool moment for me.  Then, I took a shot of it with my phone to send to my father-in-law since he was with me when we travelled to photograph the Sandhill Crane migration.

It hasn’t been until pretty recently that I’ve started to think the (non-family) pictures I’m taking are “wall-worthy.”   Who knows where this photography thing will go,  but I figure it’s best to start with my own walls.  Every time I walk by this canvas,  I feel a little spark of possibility.


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18 thoughts on “iphriday–wall worthy

  1. That is a great shot- choosing a few photos to get printed and displayed has been on my to do list for so many years now… somehow, it’s easier to just keeping taking more, and making those decisions harder to make!

  2. I love it!!!! And I know how you feel. I have my macro feather on the wall in the living room and I feel a little warm feeling of excitement whenever I look up at it. Well done Lisa!

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