iphriday–cashing in my mother’s day chips

The shelves of the flower store are a bit more bare this afternoon.   Time to load up on the Advil for my back and get to planting!IMG_2381IMG_2382IMG_2385IMG_2387

iPhriday is the day to post pics off of your mobile phone.  Join us by posting your own post and tagging it iPhriday, or linking to one of my posts so I can find you and feature you!  Here are my other iPhriday phriends:

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22 thoughts on “iphriday–cashing in my mother’s day chips

  1. How how beautiful your garden is going to look 🙂 I can already imagine the fragrance of flowers wafting through the air and waking you up with the tingles in your nose 🙂

  2. Wow, I’m impressed with the number of plants and the number of containers you intended to fill. I hope your back didn’t let you down. I rather like that turquoise table…not the photo so much as the table; a great addition to a patio or porch.

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