the iphone covers a multitude of sins

iPhriday is here!  Join us by posting one or a few of the gems off of your cell phone and tagging your post iPhriday.  I will feature you along with my other iPhriday phriends here at GD&C.IMG_2307It was an underwhelming sunrise on this morning.  I set up the fancy camera on a tripod about 30 minutes before the 6:13 rise time.  The sky was muted and too subtle, and by the time 6:13 arrived, it seemed as if the show was over.  So, at about 6:18 I packed up the gear, went inside and started making a pot of coffee.  As I turned to the sink to rinse the coffee pot of the previous day’s coffee, I saw a streak of pink light across the lake.  I had gone inside too early and missed the sun peaking up over the clouds.  There was no time to unpack the camera, so I just grabbed my iPhone and ran.

This is the third time I’ve left the scene too early during sunrise or sunset.  Apparently, I’m slow to learn.  We shall see if tomorrow morning is different!

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38 thoughts on “the iphone covers a multitude of sins

  1. I’m impressed with your dedication – first, getting up that early, and second, running back out there! I probably would have done neither … and that’s why I am a small fraction of the photographer you are!

      1. I don’t know where I went wrong — I’d checked the time in the weather site. All my stuff was packed up, afterwards I was SO thankful the person chatted with me — it was an awesome, perigee moon that night.

      2. For real! I got one good shot of the blood moon this year, but otherwise, they’re all blurry. I think I’ve been leaving my shutter open too long, and I also think my tripod is too weak to support the big lens I was using, so it was sliding while the shutter was open. I need to read up on what settings to use when shooting at night.

    1. If the light is bad then I think the phones do take crappy shots. The light must have been good enough that the shutter speed wasn’t too slow. I’ve heard that there are apps that allow you to set the settings manually

    1. It is an amazing place. When we were younger, I didn’t appreciate it so much because of our crazy busy lives. Now that we have more time, I’ve been able to do exactly what you said you’d do! (add in photography)

  2. It’s a stunning photo! Great that you persevered..
    I’ve had my share of going back and forth the house while photographing the sunrise or sunset, and can totally relate to your story. I always brings my iPhone and camera and shoot with both. And wait!!😉

      1. It’s a calendar to remind all of us, who do challenges what challenges are available on any given day and what the specifics for that day is if there is a specific! I do so many challenges this will be great for me!

  3. There is a lesson in that for me. 🙂 I would so enjoy a seat under that tree to watch the sunrise, breathe, and whisper a prayer of gratitude the One who made “all things bright and beautiful.” I still can through your photo. 🙂 Blessings.

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