iphriday: 20-love

iPhridayapalooza has arrived!  Today is the day to post pics from your cell phones!  Just create a post, and tag it iPhriday so I can phind  you and pheature you here at GD&C.

I’ve known and loved Hannah for 20 years. (since the second she was born)  Her mom and I lived together for 2 years in college and have been friends for 30 years.  Hannah’s dad and my hubby are friends, and now Hannah and my daughter Jenna (they’re 2 months apart in age) are going to live together next year.  She plays college tennis and was in my town today for her conference meet.  It was so fun to go hang out with her mom (bottom pic) and watch her compete!


And here are the other Phab iPhridians:

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