a quiet hour. a quiet place. a quiet heart.

Blessed is the day whose morning is sanctified!–Joseph ParkerAB0A9262-3


grackle bombs

The grackles are bombing (pooping on) our patio and furniture.  This hasn’t happened in the past.  The Mr. and I think it’s because there are more of them for some reason this year. If there aren’t more of them, then the few we have are having some massive digestive issues.

We’ve started scolding the grackles when we’re outside.  Mr. GrayDays even chases them off once in a while.  That lasts about two minutes and they’re back.  Our daughter heard us the other day and said “You’re getting old.”  When I asked why, she said “Because you’re starting to talk to the birds.” AB0A8303This isn’t one of the local offenders.  I photographed this grackle when we were out on a country drive.

charming in our own smelly way

I haven’t planted Dahlberg daisies in years.  This year, they looked to be among the healthiest so I grabbed a couple of packs and threw them in the cart.  Their delicate foliage and flowers contrast nicely against plants like zinnias.  Last time I planted them, they got pretty overgrown, tangled, and disheveled looking by the end of summer. But, I made a place for them in the garden, partly because I myself can relate to that look and state of mind by the end of the summer.   Though I’m pretty sure the other “flowers” in my garden of life would definitely not describe me as delicate, they may describe me (but not to my face) as overgrown, tangled, disheveled, and even occasionally emitting a strange odor just like my spirit flower.  But, some would say they(we) can be sort of charming in our own smelly way:AB0A8885


iphriday–wall worthy

iPhriday is a day to display the photos you have taken with your cell phone.   If you’d like to join our merry party, just create your own post, and then tag it iPhriday so I can find you and feature you on GD&C.

I ordered a canvas of one of my photos two weeks ago.  Last week, I hung it on the wall.  It was kind of a cool moment for me.  Then, I took a shot of it with my phone to send to my father-in-law since he was with me when we travelled to photograph the Sandhill Crane migration.

It hasn’t been until pretty recently that I’ve started to think the (non-family) pictures I’m taking are “wall-worthy.”   Who knows where this photography thing will go,  but I figure it’s best to start with my own walls.  Every time I walk by this canvas,  I feel a little spark of possibility.


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prairie sunset


I wasn’t sure how this and a few others from this night were going to turn out because I was having to fan in front of the lens until the last second before the timer went off due to the SWARMING PLAGUE of mosquitos around us.  It’s that time of year in Nebraska!

iphriday–cashing in my mother’s day chips

The shelves of the flower store are a bit more bare this afternoon.   Time to load up on the Advil for my back and get to planting!IMG_2381IMG_2382IMG_2385IMG_2387

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