shall we take a turn?

I feel so Jane Austen-ey when I take a turn (and when I say things like “take a turn”) around our local museum garden.  It was the perfect place to be on a still spring morning.  All shots taken with my macro lens.AB0A4196-2AB0A3558AB0A3348AB0A3380AB0A3470


25 thoughts on “shall we take a turn?

  1. The lady bug? On the peony? You oughtta find yourself a county fair or somethin’ like that and enter that photo! 😉 At the very least, make a print and hang it on your wall!

  2. Beautiful! I cant believe how far along everything is. My bleeding hearts have just poked up out of the soil. It’s going to be a while before I see them at their prime.

      1. I HAD both the pink and the white kind, but after last year’s (2014/2015) extremely harsh winter, the white didn’t return. 😦 Oh well, I can always buy another one. They are one of my favourites to photograph.

  3. So beautiful and pretty pictures of flowers. The white (I don’t know the english word) heartshaped one is my absolut favourite among your photo’s.

  4. Even though both of us like gray days it looks like neither of us can resist the beautiful spring colors and flowers! I’m pretty sure every single one of my daily Instagrams this week has featured a spring blossom!

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