iphriday–the joy of a new clicky pencil

I’ve been out of school for many (times a zillion) moons.  But, it’s still fun to go and buy a new notebook and pencil sometimes.


iPhriday is a day to post photos you have on your cell phones.  If you’d like to join the ihijinks, just post your own iPhriday post, and then tag it iPhriday, or link to one of my posts so I can feature you here on the ol’ GD&C blog.  Here are some other kids who are making the most of their mobile phone cameras:

iPhriday–Rainy Day@Eileen On

iSaturday–Edmundston NB@I Do Wander Everywhere

iPhriday–Golden Hour@Mara Eastern

iPhriday Photo Challenge–The Vinson House@The Travel Lady in Her Shoes

iPhriday–Coffee Art@Deb’s World

iPhriday–Let’s Dance@Eileen On



13 thoughts on “iphriday–the joy of a new clicky pencil

  1. This is a very nice pen. Looks light-weight and easy to use. I know, it’s just a pen, but still… I only use centropens because unlike ballpoint pens, you don’t need to apply pressure to write with them.

  2. Nice! I was hanging out with someone half my age recently (I can’t remember who or why, which tells you more about my age) and he had just been given one of these (oh I remember who it was now lol). He said – one of those pencil clicks pen things. I told him it was a Pacer and he had no idea what I meant. He had no idea that they were around before he was. I know that Pacer was the brand but that’s what we all called them at school. Sorry for rambling, I should be in bed. X

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