grandma kathy’s lilacs

I hung out at my folks’ house yesterday.  My dad is helping me make frames for some of my photos. (or I should say I’m helping–or perhaps hindering him.)  I got put on sanding duty, largely because I’m afraid of all of the loud and scary machines in my dad’s shop.  I was a little distracted by the lilac bush just outside the door though, and every time the wind would die down, I would run outside to snap pictures.   After all, we do need pictures for the frames. 🙂AB0A3068-2AB0A2812-2both shots with my 100mm macro lens@f2.8; iso 200; 1/400 sec


13 thoughts on “grandma kathy’s lilacs

  1. Sanding duty? A necessary evil, but that’s kinda the workshop equivalent of being sent to Siberia. Dad is surely getting back at you for some misdeed in your youth 😉

    1. In order to suit your photographic preferences, I could arrange to have some old holey socks hanging off the branches and maybe a discarded toilet and a baby doll without arms at the base of the shrub hee hee!!

  2. Oh lilac!! I feel it would be unfair to ask a person (me) what her favourite flower is. It’s like asking a favourite Berry – it depends on the season. But. The lilac! It’s up there!! Exquisite shots!

  3. Your lens and your talent almost make it possible to smell those luscious buds in seeing those pictures! Love the lilacs! (And you!) 🙂

  4. You did them justice, Lisa! Beautiful!! My bouquet in the house is filling the house with its beautiful scent. They are still beautiful on day 3!

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