Lately, I’ve been trying to pay more attention to light when I take pictures.  Sometimes, like with the photo of the book corners,  I will set up my subjects just inside my front door, so I can open it to let in more light.  It works, but it can get pretty cold in the house if I don’t get the shot I want right away.  When it gets hot and the bugs start showing up, I will probably have to stop shooting by the door.  (Or maybe I should get a screen door.)

AB0A9663Food boxes:  Canon 5DMarkIII; EF100mm F2.8L Macro IS USM; iso 100; f9; 1/6 second; tripod mounted; light filter disc placed in the window.  (I have paned windows, and on sunny days, the panes cast a shadow over my subject.) AB0A0861-2Same camera and lens; iso 100; f3.2; 1/40second; tripod mounted, light reflector disc used (white side) because when I shot without the reflector disc, the wood background was largely shadowed.  I didn’t want so much contrast and I wanted to show more of the texture and color of the background, so I evened out the light by using a reflector disc.




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