i’m back. but…

So I just typed a long over-share about why I was gone for a few weeks.  Then I erased it all.

Here’s a normal-person-friendly summary:

I’m back.  I’m going to resume iPhriday this Friday if you want to join me.  It will  be as awesome as ever. 🙂

Also,  I get super stressed when I can’t keep up with the feed, and so I’m going to try not to get so stressed  when I fall behind that I need to take another break from blogging.  Instead, I will jump back in when I can, enjoy the wisdom, wit, and creativity of my WordPress posse, and hope that all of you will understand if I’m sometimes not as present as other times.

I will leave you today with pictures from our Boston trip we took around Easter.  When my girls turn 16, we take a trip to celebrate. Sarah Jane wanted to go hear a symphony for her birthday.  The symphony was incredible, and everyone should see Boston at least once in their lives.  We had a great time as a family.

Freedom Trail–Paul Revere and the Old North Church:AB0A8975

The Boston Symphony and the Tanglewood ChoirIMG_1981

Beacon Hill neighborhood:AB0A9275The food was incredible:IMG_2023Walking around Beacon Hill:AB0A9324.jpg




36 thoughts on “i’m back. but…

  1. I think I know what you mean. I often feel really sad that I can’t follow everybody I would like as closely as I’d like to. For example, right now I went back to see which was the last of your posts I saw and it was one time in February! 😮 And yet it’s physically impossible to view all blog posts as they happen because in this case we could be doing only that. So yes, we do what we can. I prefer to do it in bursts like just now. 🙂

    Of course now I’m curious about your originally intended blog and what it would say. I don’t believe in oversharing.

    In any case, wishing you joy with your own blogging and other people’s blogs – that’s why we are here, mostly. Stressing out is best reserved for what truly deserves it.

    1. You are right about where stress belongs. My overshare was about the origins of why I get so overwhelmed at times. It’s been a life long thing. Thanks for your thoughts. You’re a wise soul!

      1. Aaah, don’t know about that, I’ve just got the empathy thing going. 🙂 We wish to have stuff sorted out, right? It’s like too many tabs opened. My sister almost died when she saw mine.

  2. Oh, that must have been awesome to go hear a symphonie. And we understand, blogging should be fun, not an obligation. I’m glad everytime when you pop in to say hi!

  3. Don’t. Get. Stressed. Because of a blog. It is not that important. It should not be that important. There is life waiting for you and your readers like me.

  4. I know I have lost several followers because I can not keep up with replying to everyone. I’m trying not to stress over it but that’s just not me. So I tried not to comment on anybody’s post who would not comment on mine. But that seemed a bit juvenile. I look at people who have thousands of followers and wonder how they do it. But I’m sure not all of those people actually take the time to comment. They’ll hit “like” on their reader then go to the next post. Anyway, that’s a long winded comment on how much I liked your post. Boston looks amazing. People actually live like that? In those homes? And I can’t tell you how long it’s been since I’ve been to a classical concert.

    1. I’m going to enjoy my WordPress Community in its proper time frame and context and hope for pardon and grace during the times I can’t be as interactive 🙂 And, I looked up the prices of some of the homes in Beacon Hill that were for sale…some of them upwards of 6 million dollars!!!

      1. Oh, that’s a piece of cake. $6,000,000? No problem. What’s the monthly mortgage payment on that? Oh, no matter. I’ll pay cash!

  5. Oh my gosh! I have to remember to ask you to see the rest of your Boston pictures! These are amazing. So happy that you got to go and enjoy a family vacation in a city so rich in history and culture! 🙂

  6. Love your photos — good to see you again — and I’d love to see Boston! It’s actually only seven hours’ drive away.

    I’ve finally found a great balance in my blogging. Zen, perhaps?! 🙂 What you described a little, and several of the commenters too, had me quit blogging several times. I followed everyone who followed me, and more. Opening the Reader became a chore I dreaded. Now I’ve got a nice balance, and it’s great fun again.

  7. Yay you’re back!! I hope you’re doing well, your Boston trip looks like fun. Yah you just can’t stress about missing some bloggy stuff – life gets in the way and that’s totally ok. We are all in the same boat at some point. Anyhoo, I’m glad you’re back 😊😊

  8. Nice to see you, your face, and your lovely photos back here! 🙂 I understand the blog-stress too; I just go slowly, read when and what I can, and comment when it moves me. And I, too, disappear at times! I remind myself this is for fun; it’s not an assignment!

  9. So very glad you’re back! I’ve thought of you often! Beautiful photos! Be the blog…don’t let the blog be you. Which makes more sense in my head than typed out, but I think you’ll get what I mean.

  10. Lisa, welcome back! Glad to see you here and to read your post. It totally speaks to me. I understand your concerns and commend you for taking a break, coming back and keeping true to yourself and what matters to you.
    As many people said here, leave stress where it should be.
    Blogging as we do, for personal interest, and no monetization, means no obligations and no strict rules.
    Unfortunately, there are unwritten rules, and a give and take approach, which is discouraging real and authentic connections on the blogosphere.
    There are people who abide to these rules, and who follow to be followed. They comment if you comment. They unfollow you if you don’t do it always.
    However, let’s be honest, who can possibly have as many followers as blogs to follow, and read and comment on all their posts? This is insane.
    And those who hit the mark of hundred thousand plus followers, surely for merit and/or use of all marketing techniques available, also can’t fulfill the need of people who want to hear back from them. They hire people to read their comments and don’t even reply to all anymore. Let alone read their blogs.
    So, the best we can do is what is best for us, and moreover, we can identify those bloggers who matter to us, so we follow them via email and know when they post. And only if we have time we open and comment on their posts.
    The next best thing to do, is to not ever feel guilty or stressed out for not having read not even the blogs of those who matter.
    So, keep cool and keep making us happy with your superior photos.
    I for one am happy to see you here and chat with you, whenever we both can.
    Gorgeous photos with family!! That’s what is important, time with them and for yourself.

  11. Great photos from my ‘neck of the woods.’ We live right outside of Boston, and once spring warms up my guy and I, we ‘walk Boston’ on Sunday mornings. You captured it all beautifully.

  12. “Also, I get super stressed when I can’t keep up with the feed, and so I’m going to try not to get so stressed when I fall behind that I need to take another break from blogging.” This is a “skill” that I am trying to hone within myself. 🙂

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