iphriday–happy little clouds

Join us on iPhridays by showcasing the photos you keep on your cell phone.  Just create a post and tag it iPhriday, or link to one of my posts! I will feature you here on the ol’ GD&C blog. 

Bob Ross would have loved these clouds.  This was how the sky looked as I was leaving for an appointment 30 minutes from my house:


Over a 2 hour period, the skies began to change, so I pulled over and snapped this:


And when I got back to town, the south landscape had gone from the first two pictures to this:



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11 thoughts on “iphriday–happy little clouds

  1. It’s wonderful how quickly those changes can occur. I watched the clouds float by yesterday evening – they were dark and stormy once but they flew past and settled into whispy white. I love your cloud photos.

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