temporary blog break

I love my WordPress community!  I’ve been off the blog radar for several days and I’ve missed all ya’lls but it looks like I’m going to have to take a bit more of a break.  I will be back though!

And to my iPhriday friends, I’m so sorry I missed last Friday!  I won’t be posting on Fridays for a while, so if you want to carry on the tradition, I will be joining you when I get back!


iphriday–happy little clouds

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Bob Ross would have loved these clouds.  This was how the sky looked as I was leaving for an appointment 30 minutes from my house:


Over a 2 hour period, the skies began to change, so I pulled over and snapped this:


And when I got back to town, the south landscape had gone from the first two pictures to this:



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a sandhill horizon

I’ve been absent from WordPressWorld for several days.  For part of the time I’ve been out in central Nebraska with the Sandhill cranes.   What a sight to see!  Half a million of them stop in Nebraska on their way from Mexico to Canada for the summer.


Canon 5DMarkIII; EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS USM +1.4x III @560mm; iso 400; f/8; 1/2000 second

I hope you’ve all had a great week, and I’m sorry I haven’t been very faithful to keep up with all the haps in your corner of the blogosphere.  After next week, I hope to be more present!

iphriday–simon and the sisters

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I’ve barely used my iPhone this week, other than to take hilarious (to me) snapchat pictures of my digitally distorted face to send to my horrified children and husband.   But, we did go down to have lunch with College Girl for the Mr’s birthday, and I had coffee with Simon’s owner a few weeks back and snapped a picture of the-dog-who-has-me-wrapped-around-his-paw.

the GrayDays progeny (sophomore in high school on left, sophomore in college on right):


Simon the goldendoodle:


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