The Snow Geese are migrating and they’ve made a stop at a lake about 30 minutes from where we live.  I’ve heard there might be even more coming over the next several days, so I hope to drive down to this lake again.



17 thoughts on “snowing

    1. Well, my hubby wasn’t laughing this time, because while I was down at the shore of this lake taking pictures, he was having to deal with a state trooper who pulled up behind our car and told us we couldn’t park alongside the road. oops!!

  1. Marvellous! I’d love to see this! I’ve seen them once, on a field in Quebec, but I couldn’t get there … They do stop by around here too, so I’ll try to keep myself informed 🙂

  2. Great Shot. Reminds of the times I spent with my farther fishing in Canada. We would see flocks of Canadian wild geese like this on the lakes.

  3. Wonderful! I wonder how many there are in this photo! We used to get Snow Geese and Tundra Swans visiting when I lived near the East Coast. Here is Western Colorado we get Sandhill Cranes which surprised me since I had only seen them in Florida.

    1. The cranes are arriving in Nebraska and I think we are headed out there in the next week to see them. I’m pumped! This shot only captured a fraction of them. A birding friend of mine said they think there are over 10,000

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