iphriday–crystal carpet

Last Monday, I went to Lincoln to take a camera lens to The College Girl.  As I was backing out of the garage to leave, I noticed the entire driveway and sidewalk were covered in a chunky frost.  So, I just got out and set the camera on its side on the sidewalk and snapped a pic.  The phone did an okay job of capturing a bit of bokeh in the foreground, which was a nice surprise.  It was fun to capture such a pretty moment before it melted into history.


iPhriday is a day to showcase photos from our phones.   We’d love to have you join us!  Just post an entry and tag it “iPhriday” so I can find you and feature you on the GD&C blog.  Or, you can link to one of my posts.  Here are a few pholks who are making the most of their iPhones by capturing life’s fun, strenuous, and beautiful moments:

iPhriday–phoam roller phun@Deb’s World

iPhriday–Chas has a fit@PedalWorks

iPhriday–All Fenced In@Eileen On

My Pastel Neighborhood@The Travel Lady in Her Shoes




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