iphriday–screenshots, thievery, and an explosion of shoes

Life happens, and it’s pretty rare that we have our fancy shmancy gear with us to capture it.   However, most of us have our phones with us most of the time.  So, start a-scrollin’ through your mobile phone photo catalog, share a moment (or 4 as is in my case) in a post, and tag it “iphriday” so I can feature you here at GD&C!

I learned about the screen shot feature last year on my phone.  I use it all the time now. (On the iPhone, you press the home button and the sleep/wake button and the phone will take a picture of whatever is on your screen and save it to your camera roll)  This comes in handy when your college girl sends you hilarious snapchats and you want to keep them:




I am showcasing the younger child by showing you a picture of her wearing MY first-ever Nebraska sweatshirt that I bought at the Nebraska Bookstore when I was a freshman in college.  I caught her trying to sneak downstairs yesterday without me seeing the stolen item on her back: (I have to admit, she looks better in it than I do/did!)


And, as per usual, she has a hoard of shoes by each door.  This is just from one of our doors.  I know I will be sad one day too soon when all of these shoes are gone, so I’m trying to keep that in mind when I come around the corner and another pair has magically appeared: (I arranged them for your viewing enjoyment. 2 pairs of those are ones she stole from my closet)


It has been really fun to get to know these fellow WordPressians who have chosen to join me in the iPhriday shenanigans.  Put on some Smokey Robinson and cruise through the interwebs to their blogs and check out their iPhriday posts!

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12 thoughts on “iphriday–screenshots, thievery, and an explosion of shoes

  1. I love your carefully arranged show collection! Don’t think too far ahead till they’re all gone as it will come soon enough believe me! I missed posting on Friday this week (as life got in the way) but I might still post just a few days late – if that’s OK?

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