iphriday–shoes and pancakes and mrs. doubtfire at the starbucks

In 2014 I started a gratitude journal.   Yesterday, when I was writing out things I was thankful for, it occurred to me how most of my lists are full of trivial things like flour sack towels, smart wool socks, and how good it feels to climb into a bed with freshly washed sheets.  But being thankful for those little things has made a difference in my life.

My phone has become a gratitude journal of sorts as well.  Here are some things I have been thankful for over the past few weeks:

Shoes by the door.  I took this after Mr. GrayDays returned from having to fly through bad weather on a business trip:


Now that we’re not chauffeuring Sarah around anymore, dinner time is about the only time we get with her.  So, though I hate to cook, I ‘m thankful that things like pancakes bring us together:



No hating on my ugly pancakes! They tasted deeeelish.


My daily Starbucks run is a huge blessing to me.  I like the coffee (tall coffee with a shot of espresso and cream) but I like the folks that work there too.  Amy The Manager always yells out WELL HELLOOOOOO (like Mrs. Doubtfire–see link below) when she sees me.  It makes me smile every time.



Join us on Fridays and post shots from your phone–the everyday happenings, the surprise once-in-a-lifetime shots, the gorgioso selfie shots.  They’re all welcome here. (as long as they’re family friendly!)  Tag your post iphriday, or link to one of my posts and I will feature you on GD&C.  I usually post around noon CST USA, but if you don’t make that deadline, I’ll just feature you the next week.

The entries this week inspired me, made me nostalgic, and caused breakfast-spitting giggles.  I’m thankful for my iphriday phriends!

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27 thoughts on “iphriday–shoes and pancakes and mrs. doubtfire at the starbucks

  1. I was meaning to turn my blog into a gratitude journal 2016. In a way, it IS — the things I write about are most often stuff I’m thankful for — but not the way I’d planned. It’s a good thing to do, no matter where or how you do it.

    Love pancakes … and Starbucks 😊

  2. Ah, those little things. The photo of Mr. GD&C’s shoes are such a powerful, moving statement of gratitude. And the pancakes … there are few things I enjoy more than a meal with my loved ones.Thanks for sharing items from your visual gratitude list. Blessings. Esther A.W.

  3. Like you, I’m most grateful for the smallest things that add to comfort – heating, food, Wi-Fi, of course 🙂 I hope I’ll manage to take some photos with my phone soon so that I could join your iphriday. So far, I have nothing interesting to share, but I’ll work on it 🙂

  4. Your gratitude list is great and the pancakes look delish! I’m so glad I’m included in the iphriday collection…also love the fact that it may have been me that induced the breakfast spitting giggles.

  5. What a lovely post filled with feel-good stories and photos (your pancakes look perfect to my eye, by the way 😃). Thanks for the impetus to think about the everyday moments we so often take for granted. Wonderful idea!

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