mundane monday–arcing


I was scrolling through my files and liked how these two had similar lines.  One was shot with the big camera, and the other with my phone.   Both were edited in Lightroom.

Happy Mundane Monday!



The Snow Geese are migrating and they’ve made a stop at a lake about 30 minutes from where we live.  I’ve heard there might be even more coming over the next several days, so I hope to drive down to this lake again.


iphriday–empty chairs

People with empty chairs where their loved ones used to sit have been on my heart over the past several days.

My mom came up last week.  At one point in our marathon coffee clatching (I LOVE it when my mom comes up), we reminisced  about my grandma.  Grandma Margaret has been gone for almost 17 years, and yet my mom still misses her.  We all still miss her–except my youngest daughter and the four tumbly, hilarious, adorable younger children of my brother’s who never got to know their great grandma.  They would have loved her.

I also had coffee with a friend of mine who’s been widowed for 7 years.  She still gets misty talking about John.   I’ve watched her work hard to make the choice to be thankful for the life she has, but every day her grief still threatens to choke out her gratitude.  She keeps fighting for joy though, and has been a great example to me.


iPhriday gives anyone who wishes the chance to share the images they’ve saved on their phones.  I’ve noticed I’m more emotionally attached to the images on my phone than to those I take with my fancy shmancy camera.  While scrolling through this week’s shots, I laughed at the funny snapchat shots,  was proud of my daughter for her performances at the band competition, and felt the tug of loss as I chose this shot.   We’d love to have you join us in sharing the meaningful, mundane, beautiful, arty, funny, frustrating, memorable shots that are stored on your phone!  Just tag your post iPhriday, or link to one of mine so I can locate you and feature you on the GD&C blog.

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