iphriday–critter tracks

This iPhriday thing hasn’t been going on for very long, but I’m already thankful for how making more use of my camera phone has helped me to develop more of a photographer’s eye, and to just pay more attention to the good things in life.  Also, it’s been great to get to know the pholks at the bottom of the post who have joined me in the iPhriday photo phun.  🙂   If you’d like to join us, post on Fridays and then link to one of my posts.  Or, add the tag iPhriday to your post so I can find you.  I live in the Central Standard Time zone in the USA, and I will post around noon my time on Fridays.  If you don’t get yours posted before I post, I will feature you the next week on GD&C.

Mr GD&C went on a walk with me last Sunday out at the lakes.  Besides visiting the bajillions of geese, we enjoyed seeing all of the critter tracks in the freshly fallen snow.

24 years, and I like him more than ever:


Canada Goose tracks:


Nebraska person tracks:


We weren’t sure about these–squirrel or bird, maybe?  They weren’t more than an inch or two long:


These were even smaller, so we were thinking a mouse:


The deer are plentiful around this area:


I am inspired by my fellow bloggers who have also posted for iPhriday.  Their posts are creative and interesting, and I’m glad they are sharing the memories they’ve captured on  their phones. Sled down the inter web snow hill and check out their posts!

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