Sary Todd? Babe-raham Lincoln?

When we are in public, I like to dare my kids to do things solely so I can laugh at them. So, I’m sure it didn’t surprise Sarah one bit when I dared her to get out of the car on a downtown street and imitate an Abe Lincoln statue.  99% of the time, when I throw down such a dare,  they just roll their eyes at me and go back to texting.

But once in a while…







12 thoughts on “Sary Todd? Babe-raham Lincoln?

  1. LOL! I once jumped out of the car to press the “Let me cross the street now” button so that a light would change. My step-kids were in shock and actually stopped texting for about 10 minutes. (My husband was driving at the time, so I didn’t leave the car without a driver, just no one in the front passenger seat for about 25 seconds.)

      1. There IS a Wayne’s World re
        ference, but I’ve been trying unsuccessfully to remember it! I can hear Garth’s voice and it probably was about Madonna in “Babelonia” or something! Too funny!

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