Because we always have them with us, our phones are often what we use most to capture moments from our everyday lives. Those can be the best captures of all.  iPhriday is a day to post photos from your smart phones. I’d love to share your posts here at GD&C!  Just link before noon CST (USA) on a previous iPhriday post of mine, or tag your post iPhriday and I will feature you during the current week.  Or, if you post after noon CST, I will feature you on the next week’s blog. 

Our sweet, smart, sensitive Sarah Jane turned 16 on December 30.  These are pictures of her inaugural solo drive.  It was also the first time she had to scrape the windshield:





Since she’s gotten her license, the stress level around here has heightened.


On January 1, she hit a parked car.  She was pulling up to a friend’s house to go sledding and one of the kids threw a snowball at her car.  It startled her and she hit the gas instead of the brakes.  The damage was just a scrape to the bumpers, but still.  Then, on January 5, she was in a car (someone else was driving) and they got rear-ended.  She has whiplash and missed her first day back to school.  She’s still pretty sore today.  I’ve been giving her muscle relaxants that were prescribed to her–THE LAST TIME SHE GOT WHIPLASH.  She plays golf, and while riding on a golf cart last fall, she got thrown off.

Trouble has always found this kid.

Now she’s driving.

Which has already been driving me to my knees–a better posture than one of pacing and fretting.

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Join us next week!



16 thoughts on “iphriday–iphear

  1. Sarah is simply the LAST person on Earth to deserve these kinds of bad things happening to her! Praying for my sweet girl to get through the rest of her first winter’s driving without incident! Love to all of you Qs. 🙂

  2. Can’t believe this cute little “moon piszh” girl is driving anyway. Kinda makes me sad. LOVE this awesome granddaughter to pieces and pray she stays safe.

  3. I completely agree about those stress levels…..I never quite rested at night once they got their licenses until they were all home and safe. Now that we’re way on the other side of that my husband says we didn’t really start losing them when they went to college. We started losing them once they got the independence of driving. It’s all part of that growing up and growing away process!

  4. Oh dear, I hope she’s OK and that you get through this time unscathed too! It can be quite traumatic and a worrying time but you’ll all get through it I’m sure. I love the iPholks title!

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