low riders and high flyers



New Year’s Eve day was a great day for taking pictures.  Mr. Gray Days came out to the lakes with me this time.  It’s fun to see how into it he gets.  It’s all about the strategy to him.  He had us crawling 30 feet through snow and brush to get in as close as we could before the birds saw us.  (It was 22 degrees out and I had on my Harry Potter yarn gloves and was carrying my camera and huge lens with one hand while we crawled.   My left arm is still sore)  I thought it was all kind of ridiculous…

until I got home and saw the shots.

Now he’s researching portable blinds for us to use.   I think we have found something to do when we become empty nesters in 2 years.




22 thoughts on “low riders and high flyers

  1. Ha Ha! What a great new hobby! Sounds like something my husband would think was fun, only his fun would include flying into space! Gotta get the GREAT picture in the scheme of things!

  2. Mr. Gray Days was right. You got really great shots! Love all the detail on the wings of the high flyers and such clear shots!!! You guys rock!!! 🙂

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