iPhriday–my voice is just a whisper…for now

Earlier last year, I decided try and have more of a photographer’s eye–to try and “see” photographs in every situation.  Using my phone camera more often has been an obvious way to improve that “vision.”  It’s also nice to put the heavy duty cameras away and just enjoy the ease and flexibility of my iPhone once in a while.

So, iPhriday is the day to showcase pics from our phones.  Join me in sharing your phone shots!  Link to my post, or tag your post iPhriday and I will feature you on the GD&C blog.   Follow the links at the bottom to see what other folks are capturing on their phones!


So, I talk about how nice it is to shoot with my phone, and then I take pictures of my fancy shmancy camera.   But, this shot means a lot to me because it’s a common site in my house when my college girl is home.  The gear gets piled on the dining room table as we both come and go during the day.   Then, we often finish the day looking at each other’s pictures.  I’m thankful photography has been something that has connected us over the past few years.

Though I’ve been working to see the world as a photographer, I’m hearing that I also need to develop my “voice.”  So in the past few weeks, I’ve read a couple of articles about finding my creative voice.  My daughter has been clued in on this for much longer than I have, and I can tell by her subject matter, the angles she chooses, and her editing style that she’s already developed her own personal “voice” that is uniquely hers.

I love taking pictures.  I need to take pictures.  I’m going to keep taking pictures, learning, growing, and being thankful I have photography in my life. But, at the beginning of this new year, my creative “voice” probably isn’t loud enough for anyone but me to hear.

In 2017, maybe I’ll be ready to grab a mic and preach to the people.  But for today, a whisper is enough.

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16 thoughts on “iPhriday–my voice is just a whisper…for now

  1. What a great idea. My Friday will be your Thursday evening (due to living in Australia) but I figure that’s ok. I’ve got a reminder in my iPhone calendar now. 🙂

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