artist vs sloth

I wasn’t going to get out of bed.  I hadn’t slept more than a couple of hours the night before, and so when the alarm went off at 6,  I went straight past snoozing to turning it off.  At 7:30, my friend Jill texted me and told me to get out and take pictures of the gorgeous frost.  The mental boxing match between the artist and the sleep deprived sloth began.

“There will be other frosty mornings.” said the sloth.

“Just get up and throw a coat on and go.  You don’t even need to leave the neighborhood.”  said the artist.

“Stop taking this photography thing so seriously. It’s not like you’re getting paid for it.”  said the sloth.

“You’re going to regret this in 2 hours when the frost is gone.”  said the increasingly panicked artist.

The sloth sensed that the artist was starting to win so she began using shaming logic:”Your neighbors already think you’re odd, so if you go tromping around their yards, you’re not going to help anything.  So, that means you’re going to have to drive all the way out to the lakes to avoid being seen with your greasy hair and your puffy mattress creased face. By that time it will be too late. Just get some sleep.”

“Ok, you don’t need to put pressure on yourself to go, just at least get up and look out the window.”  the artist coaxed.

And that did it.  One look at my neighbor’s pine tree and I was throwing on the smartwools and a baseball cap and I was out the door.

2016 score:  Artist-1; Sloth-0




iphriday–critter tracks

This iPhriday thing hasn’t been going on for very long, but I’m already thankful for how making more use of my camera phone has helped me to develop more of a photographer’s eye, and to just pay more attention to the good things in life.  Also, it’s been great to get to know the pholks at the bottom of the post who have joined me in the iPhriday photo phun.  🙂   If you’d like to join us, post on Fridays and then link to one of my posts.  Or, add the tag iPhriday to your post so I can find you.  I live in the Central Standard Time zone in the USA, and I will post around noon my time on Fridays.  If you don’t get yours posted before I post, I will feature you the next week on GD&C.

Mr GD&C went on a walk with me last Sunday out at the lakes.  Besides visiting the bajillions of geese, we enjoyed seeing all of the critter tracks in the freshly fallen snow.

24 years, and I like him more than ever:


Canada Goose tracks:


Nebraska person tracks:


We weren’t sure about these–squirrel or bird, maybe?  They weren’t more than an inch or two long:


These were even smaller, so we were thinking a mouse:


The deer are plentiful around this area:


I am inspired by my fellow bloggers who have also posted for iPhriday.  Their posts are creative and interesting, and I’m glad they are sharing the memories they’ve captured on  their phones. Sled down the inter web snow hill and check out their posts!

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Sary Todd? Babe-raham Lincoln?

When we are in public, I like to dare my kids to do things solely so I can laugh at them. So, I’m sure it didn’t surprise Sarah one bit when I dared her to get out of the car on a downtown street and imitate an Abe Lincoln statue.  99% of the time, when I throw down such a dare,  they just roll their eyes at me and go back to texting.

But once in a while…







noun-a word of the same written form as another but of different meaning and usually origin, whether pronounced the same way nor not, as bear 1″to carry; support” and bear 2″animal” or lead 1″to conduct” and lead 2″metal.”


For you non-golfers out there, the plastic discs are ball markers.  🙂

iphriday–but here there are no cows

He is all pine and I am apple orchard.
My apple trees will never get across and eat the cones under his pines, I tell him.
He only says “Good fences make good neighbors.”
Mending Wall by Robert Frost



The pattern and contrast of the snow and the fence interested me, and the middle photo was the intended shot I had in my mind before going outside.  But, while I was standing there, it occurred to me that a pano shot might better suit the subject.  I often forget about that feature on my phone.  After I figured out you have to move from left to right, I had fun with it. (There’s a big yellow arrow that shows you how to do it, but it wasn’t until about the 9th time that I caught on)

Join me in the iPhriday fun by posting shots from your smartphone and tagging your post iPhriday, or linking to one of my posts.  I’ll feature you here at GD&C.   Here are some other great pholks who are making the most of their mobile cameras:

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