from 1/1600 to 1/320

The geese are back!   There were bajillions of them out on one of the local lakes yesterday.

I set my settings before I got too close so I would be ready.  I usually set my camera on aperture priority, and so I opened up as wide as possible (f5.6 on my 100-400 zoom) and pushed my iso to 1000 (it was cloudy) in order to get over 1/1500 shutter speed.

The problem was that I had set my settings based on how the camera metered with a mostly snowy background.  Once I started shooting over the dark water, my shutter speed went into slo-mo, and dropped to 1/320. When some of the geese took off, I was excited to be in position and ready.  When I got home and loaded the pics, I was so sad to see that most of them were so blurry they were completely unusable.  I included one that wasn’t a disaster, but has been seriously edited, and is still not very sharp.

This one is at 1/1600…lots of white in the shot.


This one shifted to 1/320 as I moved down the shore to where there was less snow.  I got so caught up in watching the birds, I didn’t even re-check my settings.


So, I need to be more thorough and careful, and I need to start shooting in shutter priority and manual mode more often.  There is always more to learn!




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