cee’s compose yourself challenge: center point

After reading Cee’s description  about effective use of breaking the rule of thirds, I realized that I rarely attempt taking center point shots.  So, yesterday when I took my walk-to-break-out-of-the-Christmas-food-coma, I thought I’d grab the macro lens and attempt a center point shot. I like how it turned out, but I have to confess it was not a comfortable thing for me.


The rest of these were cropped so that the subject is in the center.  I looked for shots in my catalog that had strong leading lines, or in the case of my daughter, a pop of color that draws the eye.




I’m not sure how I feel about these crops.  It has been really good to push out of my comfort zone, though.  In 2016, I’m going to try more center point shooting.  Thanks for the challenge, Cee!



27 thoughts on “cee’s compose yourself challenge: center point

  1. ha,ha, I feel your pain (out of comfort zone) – I am struggling with this particular rule myself. you picked up good examples, cropped well and they all work so good (and are not just ‘a pretty flower in the middle’). well done!

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