their presence=my present

One husband, two daughters, two parents, one aunt, one brother, one sis-in-law, five nieces and nephews, 50 zillion pounds of food, mountains of presents, and lots of belly laughing add up to one blogger feeling humbled and grateful.   Today’s gathering was the best of gifts.

We stopped at Starbucks before we left for Gma and Gpa’s house.  Mr. GrayDays wore the hat into the store.  It just so happened that our town mayor came in for coffee at the same time.


Ping pong and handstands and cartwheels (but not all at the same time) with nieces and nephews:



Dad, daughter, and bro:


The fam:



12 thoughts on “their presence=my present

  1. Thanks for sharing these pictures of our fun family and super Christmas celebration!! So thankful for our blessings and you’re one of those. Love you ALL! 🙂

  2. Such a fun day! Family gatherings are such a blessing, especially at Christmas time. Your pictures are awesome and captured the day perfectly! The only thing we missed was the “pieces” – I feel bad about missing the boat on that one.

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