bonkers for bokeh



The Flickr Macro Monday challenge for December 21 is to feature bokeh.  The admin posted a link for a great article on what bokeh is, so if you’re interested, give THIS a click and read up.   (FYI: You’ll have to click through an ad to get there.)  But here’s the opening paragraphs of the article to help explain bokeh:

“The term bokeh gets bandied about with some degree of abandon these days, as fashionable or trendy words tend to be. And it’s not just popular among the Instagram hipsters. Serious photographers and beginner shooters alike seem to be bonkers for bokeh.

A few of you might have heard the term but may still not know exactly what bokeh is. Bokeh is derived from a Japanese word meaning “blurred” or “hazy,” and it’s used to describe the character of the out-of-focus areas of a photographic image. There is good and bad bokeh, and judging what’s aesthetically pleasing and what’s not is entirely subjective.”

After reading the article, I’m not sure if I have good or bad bokeh going on in these pictures, since the bokeh is so prominently featured in the images.  It could be labeled distracting, but I was kind of trying to feature the bokeh.

Now I’m getting annoyed by the word bokeh.


Good or bad, it was fun to experiment!



20 thoughts on “bonkers for bokeh

  1. Your bokeh is beautiful! I love those kind of pictures and it’s nice to know the technique has a name – however goofy the actual word is! 🙂 Thanks for being such an awesome photographer and for sharing your work! Love you!

    1. When I positioned the lamb I was thinking about the Christmas song Do You Hear What I Hear–the lyric “Way up in the sky little Lamb…do you see what I see…a star a star dancing in the night…” So I love your observation about the shot!

  2. Your bokahs are gorgeous! I’ve always wanted to experiment with this, will have to read the information you provided and see if I can make it work. Thanks for sharing that and for posting your photos!

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