doo dads, gimcracks, falderal and knick knacks


“It’s a lot easier to be lost than found. It’s the reason we’re always searching and rarely discovered–so many locks, not enough keys.” –Sarah Dessen from the book Lock and Key

We went down and had lunch with College Girl yesterday.  She wanted us to bring down our two ugly Christmas sweaters we had so she could wear one to her RUF Christmas party.  It was so good to be together as a family, and I felt thankful we could love on her before she starts finals week.

There was an architectural salvage place next to the restaurant. After lunch,  I grabbed my camera from the car and then we meandered over to the store.  (I’ve started throwing the camera in whenever we go on a road trip)

Informational Blurb For All Macro Photographers:  Architectural salvage stores are INCREDIBLE places to take photos.

I had to push the iso to 4000 because I didn’t have (or have the courage to set up) my tripod.  But, there were boxes and boxes of crystal doorknobs, drawer pulls, locks, gew gaws, doo dads, gimcracks, and falderal just begging to have their pictures taken.  I plan on going back.  Next time, I will go without my longsuffering-but-ready-to-get-out-of-there family!


7 thoughts on “doo dads, gimcracks, falderal and knick knacks

  1. I’m just as fascinated by the plethora of synonyms for doo dads as I am with the picture! You amaze me! How about thingamajigs or whatchamacallits or thingamabobs. That’s all I got.

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