iphriday: de-grinched

It’s iPhriday, people!  Time to scroll through your phones and post some pics that you’ve been dying to share with us.  If you don’t have any pics you’re dying to show the world, put down your coffee, or your remote, or your stack of paperwork, or your fancy shmancy camera and take your phone this second and snap some fab snaps!  There’s no weekly theme, so go with what inspires you.

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I was feeling grinchy about holiday decorating this year.  But, Sarah kept pestering me and Mr. GrayDays until we trudged to the basement and brought the boxes up.

Ok, truth is I didn’t really bring any boxes up.  I did trudge to the basement though, bossed Mr. GrayDays around for a bit, and then he brought the boxes up.

Like I told you the other day, I married up.  Big time.

After a week of trying my hardest to ignore the stacks of boxes now piled in our entry and dining room, (and the continued pestering)  I decided to de-grinch and put up the decorations.

The house looks festive, the 15 year old is happy,  and I feel like my heart has grown 2 sizes.   Somebody bring out the roast beast!

And BTW, my house isn’t purple.  I decided to experiment with editing.

Shout out to Desley Jane for naming iPhriday!  I look forward to seeing all of your cell phone creativity!

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12 thoughts on “iphriday: de-grinched

  1. Well done you – they’re gorgeous – I’m jealous. Sounds a bit like our house – normally I have our decorations up a month ago (I’ve even been known to put decorations up in October) but not this year. There seems to be always something that interrupts me but hopefully this weekend… fingers-crossed! 🙂

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