coffee drinks and christmas lights

The three of us ended Sunday night with Starbucks and sparkly lights.  It was really fun but we definitely missed our college girl being with us.


In order to get a sharp shot,  I rolled the window down and balanced the camera on the window frame.   I set the iso at 1000, the aperture at f/5.6, and the shutter speed ranged from 1/8 to 1/25.  The traffic gets pretty heavy in these neighborhoods during Christmas, and so every year I’ve been too scared to get out of the car and set up a tripod.  (I get anxious when it comes to taking pictures with lots of people around–irrational I know…but real)  I’ve pondered going really late at night to avoid the traffic, but then I fear the residents would think I’m some sort of creepy peeping Tammy if they saw me out on their sidewalk at midnight!


14 thoughts on “coffee drinks and christmas lights

  1. This brings back memories of the one time my hubby, 3 kids, and I did this. The queue was so long and so slow. We had issues with needing bathrooms 😃 I have to admit, I am much prefer viewing the experience through your lens! I can just picture you shooting these scenes. Great shots, and I just love the green Christmas tree against the darkness – so striking!

    1. we learned a couple of years ago not to go on Friday or Saturday nights…good grief it gets crazy in those neighborhoods. There are big trolleys and busses that do tours, so getting behind one of those is interesting.

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