danish mundane monday

Mr. GrayDays’ mother gave me her family’s Royal Copenhagen dishes shortly after we got married.  Because I was young and enamored with southwestern/rustic antique-y kind of decorating, the dishes stayed in boxes for 15 years.

I’ve grown to love these dishes as I’ve gotten older.  They’re delicate and have just the perfect amount of ornamentation.  But mostly I love them because they were a gift from family; something I didn’t appreciate enough when I was younger.

Happy Mundane Monday!   These dishes sit in my china cabinet every day, reminding me of the love of my in-laws, and providing a little splash of beauty to my ordinary life.  I hope you all find something to smile about today as you go about your Monday routines.   Join PhoTraBlogger in his Mundane Monday Challenge.  It’s a good way to start your week.



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