my ducks are quacking all over the place

I have a good problem on my hands.  It’s time to get the iPhriday ducks in a row.  Now, I’m pretty much the worst duck herder in the universe, but I’m going to try my hardest to get organized.  If, after reading my probably confusing description of how to participate, you have a suggestion for me on how to run this thing more efficiently, you are welcome to let me know.  We creatives tend to let the ducks quack all over the place until it is urgently necessary to shoo them to their ranks.   Then, the shooing is done frantically and haphazardly.  Feathers fly.  Moods turn “fowl.”  I don’t even know where I’m going with this, except to say I’m not an organized person and that I think I’m trying to prolong this paragraph because I’m much better at rambling nonsensically than trying to explain something.

Ok here goes:

For those of you who would like to participate in iPhriday, welcome!  iPhriday is a day to showcase the photographic gems you’ve been keeping on your phone.  There won’t be a theme, and there aren’t really any rules, except to keep it family-friendly. (as in rated G, or PG, (or possibly PG13 because Harry Potter was PG13, so keep it at the Harry Potter PG13 level))  I will post every Friday around noon Central Standard Time from Nebraska, USA.  If you get your link to me before then, I will include it in my new post.  If not, I will include your link in the next week’s post.

Link to whatever most recent iPhriday post I have.   So, for example, if you want me to link to YOUR December 11 post in MY December 11 post, link to my December 4th post by noon CST on the 11th. If you can’t post by noon CST, then link to my December 11 blog, and I will feature you in my December 18 blog.  Also, you can tag your post iPhriday so it’s easy to find you.

If you want to participate in iPhriday, but don’t care about being linked, you can disregard this whole post.  I hope you do want to link though, because I’d hate to miss any of your posts myself!

Happy weekend!  We’re celebrating December birthdays tomorrow as well as doing some cookie decorating so I should have some good photo ops!





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