iphriday–i wasn’t (as) bossy

On Fridays, I’m going to post pictures from my iPhone.  It’s fun to put the legit (aka fancy shmancy) photo gear away sometimes and just use my phone.  You’re more than welcome to join me in mining the treasure trove of photos that we often forget are on our phones! (treasure trove?  I feel kind of pirate-y now)

Because I put the gear away on Thanksgiving this year, I had no reason to boss people around.  Ok, I can always find a reason to boss people, but since I wasn’t taking as many pics, I was much more relaxed.  Which means my family was probably much more relaxed as well.  I just took a few candid snaps with my phone, which was kind of fun for a change.

Giggling with Grandpa:



Niece and nephew having thumb wars, while cousin smiles her dazzling smile:


Hubby’s family “Waving at Mav.”  Aunt Mavis wasn’t feeling well on Thanksgiving so we sent her our gorgeous mugs to cheer her up.IMG_0599

Other blog friends have joined me in the iPhriday fun, so jump on the interwebs and check out their awesome posts!

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iPhriday What’s Next by Gary

iphriday Sunset by Lucile






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