cee’s fun foto challenge: orange & green

I like these two colors together.

Except when you’re talking about orange and green skittles.  The green skittles are my least favorite, while the orange and yellow ones are my favorites.  Therefore, I usually pick out the green ones and eat them first.  Then I eat the red, then the purple, saving the orange and yellow for last.

How does a description of my skittle eating habits relate to bittersweet?

It doesn’t, unless you are extremely near sighted and ignorant of the fact that skittles do not grow on stems.  Then, there might be a chance you could mistake a bittersweet berry for an orange skittle while walking (or stumbling since you’re extremely near sighted) down a path in the early fall.



Bittersweet.  Canon 5DMarkIII; EF 100mm f2.8L macro IS USM; iso 800; 1/125; f/8

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6 thoughts on “cee’s fun foto challenge: orange & green

  1. LOL brilliant reasoning again. I like these two colours together as well. I don’t love the yellow ones. Red, purple, orange, green, yellow. I’m pretty sure that’s my order.

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