why only on vacation?

Mr. GrayDays and I like to hike, but we only hike when we take vacations.  While Nebraska certainly isn’t much of a destination spot for hikers,  there are places to go to spend a beautiful day on a trail.  So, he took the day off yesterday and we hiked around Platte River State Park.  It was a bucket-filling kind of day.


water landing


12 thoughts on “why only on vacation?

  1. Ah…thank you for showing us how to see the beauty in what many see as a “fly-over” state! These are beautiful autumn photos- my favorite season😊

  2. Having lived in Indiana for a number of years (after living most of life in the Pacific Northwest), I was used to people saying how less beautiful the place was when compared to places like the Pacific Northwest. I think the difference is in places like the NW, one does not look hard. The spectacular hits you like a 2×4 (although not a painful). In places like Nebraska and Indiana, the beauty is there but one must become more still, more aware. There is beauty is a little spot of forest as your second picture shows. The waterfalls in the first pic is as grand as Niagara Falls. — the flow of water captured so perfectly.

  3. So very pretty!!! Loving fall more and more every year in Nebraska. Glad you and the Mister had such a fun day. Great to celebrate life with the one you love. 🙂

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