I think the neighbors have always thought I’m a little “different.”  I’m sure my behavior out on the back patio just now has confirmed their suspicions.

This is my submission for Jithin’s Mundane Monday Challenge.  It definitely is starting off to be a mundane day–laundry needing to be sorted and dust bunnies needing to be rounded up and exterminated.  It was fun to take a break in the chores and lay in the snow for a minute!

Find a moment to wonder at something simple today, and then snap a snap and join us in this challenge!




We’re iced in, so Thanksgiving got extended to tomorrow.   I’m thankful I really like my family, because we’re stuck in the house together!

And, I’m thankful we get an extra day to eat turkey.

I shot these this morning as the rain was turning to sleet.  I’m looking forward to getting out tomorrow and shooting some ice shots.