He was lying on his side, taking a picture of his latest creation when we came down the trail to the beach.  Standing around him were a couple of other hikers  who had stopped to watch him work.  One of the hikers asked me if I had seen his other stacks farther down the beach, and said if I hadn’t, I should definitely go and see them.  As I started away, I heard him telling the hikers that rock balancing was his hobby. He went to beaches all over to balance rocks. I’m so glad we got to watch him, but I regret not photographing him while he worked.

When I saw the topic this week on the Daily Post was “Careful“, I thought about the rock balancer.  Luckily, when I mentioned it to my husband, he told me he had snapped a pic with his phone of the guy.   Such delicate and amazing skill he has!



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