The topic of the weekly photo challenge this week is boundaries


So much of parenting is teaching kids about boundaries…when it’s best to stay within them, when it’s best to push against them, and how to set them.  What makes it so difficult for me to teach about boundaries, is the struggle to understand them for myself.

I guess we’re all learning to push the boundaries of what it means to understand boundaries.


18 thoughts on “boundaries

  1. I agree it’s not an easy thing to do. Boundaries are required as a parent but knowing and understanding is hard. Pushing against boundaries is also very normal!

    1. I had one who has dealt with consequences of pushing boundaries too much, and one who needs to learn to set better boundaries for herself. She lets people push her around too much. Just when I figured out how to parent the first one, the second one came with a whole different set of boundary issues. We pray a lot, make a lot of mistakes, then pray about the mistakes hee hee!

      1. Yea… some may think mistakes might be disappeared… It takes maturity and learn from mistakes to set the balance. Well said. Thank you for sharing your insights. 🙂

  2. Hi,
    I like the texture on this macro.
    For myself, the hardest boundaries are my own the boundaries. The fences of my making that can stop me from going towards bigger and better….

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