it’s mundane monday somewhere

I follow Amy, over at The World is a Book and she participates in the Mundane Monday challenges.  I love the idea of finding beauty in the mundane, so I thought I’d join the fun this week.



16 thoughts on “it’s mundane monday somewhere

  1. So, your pingback has completely confused me, I feel it may have been accidental . But that’s ok because I love the idea of Mundane Mondays! I may not currently participate but come Monday I’m about to!

    And I like the bike pics too! The chain is my favorite!

  2. Hey Lisa, thank you for joining the MM challenge 🙂
    You have some nice findings. It reminded me when I took similar pictures during a workshop and no people’s pictures. And everyone was so angry for not having their pictures, but just random stuff like this 😀
    Glad you found beauty in those curves and close ups of that bike parts. 🙂

  3. Hi Lisa, Thank you for the pinback! So glad you are joining the MM. I think it’s challenging, but fun. I love these shots, especially the one on the right. Great MM post. 🙂

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